Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tonka Bounce Back Racer

When I looked at the package containing the Tonka Bounce Back Racer, I thought it looked sort of fun, but a little forgettable. I completely misjudged the appeal of this toy.

My children ADORE it. I cannot even tell you the amount of giggles this truck has given us.

It is a remote control car that can flip over and, because the wheels move from side to side, the car does too. The wheels and parts of the car are soft enough that you don't have to fear for your walls. Or your feet, because your children will drive this over your feet.

The controller is very easy to figure out because there are only two options: forwards and backwards. For a three-year-old, I much prefer this to remote control cars you can steer. True, it's hard to get it to go where you want it to go, but it turns out when you miss your target, zoom the car under a chair and into the dog, it's waaaaay more fun.

Plus, because the car is red and orange on one side and green and blue on the other, it's kind of like two cars. I wouldn't have thought that, but Quinn kept saying, "I want the blue one now." or "I want the red one now." Either my kid is dumb, or Tonka knows what they are doing. I choose to believe the latter.

One other thing that surprised me about this toy was how much my older two kids liked it. They also laughed uncontrollably while playing with it. And they were able to make it do tricks:

The only downside of this toy, as I see it, is the battery situation. The controller takes a 9-volt battery and the car takes 6 AA batteries. All these batteries go into three different compartments. So it takes a while to put them all in, what with the child-safety screw-closed doors. I'm also a little nervous about the battery life. I hope they last for a while, but with the constant play my kids have been doing with it, I'm unsure.

I was thinking about doing a giveaway with this, but I think Quinn would be extremely upset. This one is a keeper.

Honesty Clause: I got this toy for free. The Tonka Bounce Back Racer retails for $29.99.