Friday, September 12, 2008

VTech V-Motion & V.Smile Cyber Pocket Update

I have felt the need for several days to come back here with a longer-term review of the VTech products I reviewed here last week. At the time of the reviews I had mostly positive things to say, but I don't feel that I really gave those products their due.

Here are some of my initial issues and how my opinion has changed:

My kids couldn't care less that the graphics on the V-Motion aren't as good as those on the Xbox. They just want to play the Thomas the Tank Engine and Spiderman games we have. All the time. The VTech games are the first thing they want to play with when they come in the house.

At the time of my initial review, my kids weren't very good at using the V-motion motion-activated controller. Well, now Jack loves the motion-activated controller and prefers to play that way. (Sam and Jack still use the joystick option.)

As far as the Cyber Pocket, I just really have to reiterate how well it keeps the attention of all three of my children. The time I spend at karate has gone from being a chore for me to a nice respite. My kids are not only entranced by the game, but they're learning.

I still think they should include a power cord with the V-Motion console.

Honesty Clause: VTech in no way contacted me or requested these changes. It's just that after using these products over a longer period of time, I realized that my kids and I liked them even more than we did when they were brand new.


V.Smile Motion Fan said...

I saw an ad for the V.Smile Motion console about a month ago in the UK and I've got to say it looks like a great little system for younger children - Not just by design but also because it has educational value. The fact that it retails for around 1/3 of the price of the Wii console also makes it very affordable. Likely, Vtech are on to a winner here :)

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