Monday, November 10, 2008

Goosie Cards

We've never been a flash card type of family, but when Goosie Cards reached out to me to see if I'd like to review their flash cards, I jumped at the chance. The reason I was (and still am) so excited is because they offer custom flash cards. Basically you can upload your own photos and text and make flash cards of anything you want. What a great idea!

Be prepared, I'm about to get all gooshy on you.

Goosie Cards sent me a set of ten standard number cards to start with. As soon as I opened them up, I was impressed with their quality. Each card is 4" x 7" and laminated. They are terrific quality. These cards look like they could take a lot of abuse by the little people: drooling, chewing, tearing, and more. They seem like they would be impervious to all of it. They're easy to clean too.

The photos were lovely: clear, colorful, vivid photos of candies, pennies, blocks, balloons, and more. I was delighted. My kids were drawn to them too.

But the thing that really excited me was the customizable option. Goosie Cards sent me a gift certificate (adorably packaged, by the way, for you gift-givers out there) for a set of ten customized cards.

The creation process was really easy. In fact, the hardest part was deciding what I wanted to put on the cards. There are some suggestions on the Goosie Cards site, including making cards of extended family to teach kids about their relatives, making cards of clothing and getting dressed, making cards of sign language, or foods, or things to do to get ready in the morning.

The idea I settled on was to create a set of "rule cards" for Jack to remind him of basics that he is working on learning to be successful in school this year. I found some photos that fit what I wanted to do and I also took some new ones with my digital camera. The site also has a gallery of 150 free images to choose from if you can't find one of your own that works.

When you go online to create your cards, you have to create an account where you can work on and save your projects, so you don't have to do it all in one sitting. I was so excited, though, that I put mine all together in less than a half hour.

You get to personalize the name of the set, which is printed on each card above the photo. You get to upload your own art from your computer. (Both vertical and horizontal photos looked great.) You can also personalize all of the text on the card, including spacing and line breaks.

Once you've put them all together, the site shows you exactly what your cards will look like so there are no surprises when you get them in the mail. And I will say that they are, in fact, exactly like they looked online.

They ship the cards in 3 days. I ordered mine, left town for five days, and came back to find mine waiting for me.

Here's what I found:

Could you just die?! Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen? Jack was absolutely delighted too. Now these cards and their phrases are like mantras that Jack knows by heart. Granted, these cards haven't solved Jack's behavior problems, nor will they, but they are a concrete and relatable way for him to understand the rules.

The Goosie Cards people tell me that they support autism causes in their local (NY/NJ) area and nationally, mainly through Autism Speaks.

Goosie Cards come in 10, 20 and 26 card sets. And I think they're fabulous. (Can you tell?)

Honesty Clause: Goosie Cards sent me a free set of ten "123" cards and a gift certificate for a free set of ten customizable cards. The set of "123" cards retails for $16. Other premade sets range from $16-$32. Customizable cards are $34 for ten, $46 for 20, and $52 for 26.


Michal said...

those seem awesome. i could absolutly see using these in my line of work.

ShallowGal said...

Love them ! I'd need a special pack of 100 for all the rules I make these days. (#97: No calling your sister booger-head)

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