Sunday, January 25, 2009

Applied Labels

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My kids have a sweatshirt—make that had—that I really loved. It was black with a red stripe and both Sam and Jack wore it. Even though it was big on him, sometimes Quinn agreed to use it as well.

Early this school year, there was a week when Jack just didn't bring back his jackets. The black and red sweatshirt was maybe the second of three we sent in before we ran out. I wrote a note to his kindergarten teacher and eventually two out of the three sweatshirts/jackets came back. The black and red one has not been seen since.

I think that had I done something smart, such as label it with his name, we might still have the sweatshirt. And if I were to have put a label on something, those from Applied Labels would have been the way to go.

Applied Labels is the brain child of Heather Clements, who used to be a chemical engineer and now makes labels for all the things your kids might take to school, camp, or daycare. These labels have adhesive that is twice as strong as most other labels and qualifies as permanent.

The wonderful things about these labels is that you can wash them. I've spent a lot of time writing names on sippy cups with markers only to re-write them the next day after they go through the dishwasher. These labels will stick. I really wish I'd known about them earlier. And if your child goes to daycare with bottles every day, these will make your life easier.

You can also put them on clothes and wash them. I decided to test this out by labeling Quinn's winter coat and washing it.

Before washing

After washing—not that you can tell.

These labels are, in fact, waterproof and permanent. In order to put them on clothes, you use two labels to stick to each other on a tag. Since they come in packs of 30, 60, or 90, there are enough that you won't feel bad about having to use two. Plus, the cost of the label is way cheaper than the cost of, say, a sweatshirt misplaced at school. Edited to add: If you are clever enough to look carefully at your package, you will see that there are blank labels in the back, so you don't have to use a printed label as a backer. Smart!

Applied Labels is a great way to support a mom-run business that sells quality supplies. Besides the labels, they also offer colored, adhesive waterproof tape if you need to color code your child's items. Plus they have date labels for perishable items and shoe shields to protect labels that you put inside your children's shoes.

You can choose from four different fonts for your labels and can customize them in many different ways. Had I known this six months ago, we might still have our much-loved red and black sweatshirt.

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Honesty Clause: Applied Labels sent me labels for all three of my children. They retail for $14.95 for 30 labels, $24.95 for 60 labels, and $29.95 for 90 labels.