Saturday, February 7, 2009

SKINN Dimitri James Lip Gloss

When I win giveaways—and for some reason I've been really lucky lately with giveaways—I try to remember to put up a review to say what I think about the product.

I was really excited to win Jessica at A Parent in Silver Spring Reviews' lip gloss giveaway. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I do like lip gloss (when I remember to put it on). SKINN Dimitri James sent me their Fire Opal Wet Shine Lip Gloss, and it's really pretty.

See the shine?

Thanks, Jessica!

SKINN Dimitri James lip gloss retails for $12.50.


De in D.C. said...

Forget the lipgloss... what moisturizer do you use? Totally jealous of your wrinkle-free skin. You seriously look about 17 in that second pic.

Jessica McFadden said...

I agree with De - you are fabulously youthful. You should freelance for Ivory & Olay! The lip gloss looks really pretty too.

Stimey said...

De and Jessica, you have made my LIFE! Thank you! I credit fortunate lighting and a good skin day. Some days are not so good. :)

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Love the look and I have to agree with De and Jess! Your skin looks fab! I want to win whatever you are using! :)

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