Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stork Snapshots Giveaway!

Attention, pregnant ladies! (And friends of pregnant ladies!)

I have a wonderful boutique to tell you about and a fantastic giveaway to offer you. I have three kids and with each one, the ultrasounds we got were highlights of the pregnancy. I never got a fancy 3D ultrasound, but I've always thought they seemed really neat.

Stork Snapshots is a Chicago-area ultrasound, maternity spa and boutique. They offer many different kinds of ultrasounds sessions (lasting no longer than 30 minutes each with a maximum of 2 sessions per pregnancy—20 weeks to term), including 2D, 3D, and 4D (live image) ultrasounds.

And if you're interested in more than just your beautiful baby, they offer spa services including maternity massages and facials, plus a gift boutique.

I've never been to this boutique, but they have a page full of testimonials that you can check out for yourself.

Jill from the Momtrepreneur Maven got in touch with me about Stork Snapshots on behalf of mom/owner Pat Chiamas-Ebeling to offer my readers an exciting giveaway. Even though I will (God-willing) never need an obstetric ultrasound again, I would have loved to have won this when I was pregnant, so I jumped at the chance to offer this to you.

Enter for a chance to win a Teddy Heartbeat Bear. (Your teddy bear may not match the photo to the left.) Moms can come in to the studio as early as 15 weeks to record their baby's heartbeat with a Doppler ultrasound. Stork Snapshots then puts the recording in a teddy bear. Every time you squeeze its tummy, you will hear your baby's heart beat.

The winner would get the Heartbeat Bear (worth $49.99) even without purchasing an accompanying ultrasound.

So if you are in the Chicago area and are pregnant, please enter the contest. Or if you have a Chicago-area friend who is pregnant and you want to give her the best gift at the baby shower, enter this contest. Or, if you don't live anywhere near Chicago, but will be pregnant when you're in Chicago for BlogHer in July, enter this contest!

To enter, leave a comment with your favorite baby name that you didn't use (mine is Carlisle—Carly for short). If you want an additional entry, tweet about the contest and leave a second comment with a link to your tweet letting me know that you have done so. And make sure you leave me an email address!

And definitely check out Stork Snapshots. They look like a very cool boutique, and it's a mom-owned business.

Entries must be in by midnight EST on April 4. Good luck!


Mama Echo said...

Michael Christian--didn't use because father-in-laws name is Michael and hubby didn't want to go there.
Samantha Ann--didn't use because Jonathan was a boy.

Buki Family said...

we liked Savannah for a girl but ended up with a boy Liam Mugavu!

sabeckstrom at yahoo dot com

Becky said...

I like the names Piper and Delaney so probably Piper Delaney.

kellykrew2 at verizon dot net

janil said...

I didn't use Pau, because my fathers name is it and I don't like repeat the names ... but I love this name!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

lmurley2000 said...

i loved the name ashley but never got to use had all boys ash for short. thanks for the giveaway

yellow said...

Lincoln or Link for short.. also Harrison (these are somewhat old-timey names!!) Thanks for the entry :)

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