Monday, April 6, 2009

Weight Watchers Muffins, Ice Cream & Cheese

A while back I was asked to review some Weight Watchers chocolate candies. I thoroughly enjoyed them, but didn't fully appreciate them as I wasn't carefully watching what I was eating at the time.

Now I am. I'm not doing Weight Watchers, but I am counting my calories and trying to be very conscious of what I am eating. So when I was given another opportunity to try more of the foods that Weight Watchers offers, I was thrilled.

Now, I am of the mind that if you just eat diet food, then you will regain weight once you've lost what you want and start eating regular food again. So I mainly try to stick with ordinary, healthy food in reasonable portions. But let's be honest here, I need to have a treat now and again or I won't be successful at losing weight in the first place.

Which brings me to Weight Watchers' Frozen Treats. My favorite food is ice cream. Hands down. I could happily eat a pint of ice cream every night for rest of my life. But I don't think that's healthy.

The thing I love about Weight Watchers ice cream is that it tastes just as good as regular ice cream and is incredibly satisfying. I think my favorite is the Giant Fudge Bar. Because (1) it's giant and (2) it's fudge. If you're on Weight Watchers it's 1 point. If you're not, it's 110 calories. And it's worth it. Trust me.

I took this review opportunity to try something I hadn't eaten before—the Candy Bar Ice Cream Bar. It is like a Snickers bar made out of ice cream. Oh, dear lord, they're good. They're 3 points or 150 calories, and they made me really happy. I just bought myself a second box today.

Something else I tried was the Banana Nut Muffin. Given a choice, I would almost always choose a blueberry or chocolate muffin (Weight Watchers has these too), but I have to say I enjoyed the banana nut as well. These muffins are big enough to quell your hunger and are only 3 points, or 180 calories, which is a lot less than pretty much any other muffin you can buy.

The last thing I tried was the String Cheese. My kids really like string cheese, so we often have it in the house. Consequently I often will eat one for a snack. At 70-80 calories a stick it's not a bad choice, but the Weight Watchers string cheese is only 1 point, or 50 calories.

I was nervous about the cheese because...well...c'mon, diet cheese? But I was really surprised. The sticks are a little smaller, and the texture is a little bit harder, but I actually kind of preferred that texture. They have many different kinds of cheese, which is great for me, because after ice cream, cheese is my favorite food. They even have pepper jack cheese, which my store didn't carry, but which I was intrigued by.

I feel a little cheap being so complimentary about all these foods, but seriously, I haven't found one that disappointed me yet, and they've already been helpful to me on my diet. And they taste good enough that even when I'm off of my diet, I think I'll probably keep eating them.

Weight Watchers Ice Cream bars retail for about $5 a box. Some of the ice cream treats are in the $2.50-$3 range. Cheese products are about $4 a package, and the muffins retail for $3.49. Prices may vary at your local store.


Anonymous said...

I like weight watchers products as well, but can no longer find their caramel apple muffins anywhere. Do you know if they still manufacture them? Thanks........B

Stimey said...

@ Anon: I don't see caramel apple muffins anywhere on their website. I think they make chocolate, blueberry, and banana nut only now.

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