Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quick Stick SafetyTats

Okay. I have a lot to say about this product, so buckle in. But if you're not interested in reading all the way to the bottom of this post, just know this: I LOVE THESE TATTOOS! I will be buying them in the future. SafetyTat is a great product.

Quick Stick SafetyTats are cute adhesive tattoos you can put on your child and personalize with your cell phone number in case they get lost.

They apply without water, are hypoallergenic and skin safe, are waterproof, and can last (according to the website) for up to two weeks. They come with a special pen to write your phone number on it, or you can get Original SafetyTats customized with your information. (I didn't try the Original SafetyTat, which applies with water and lasts 1-5 days, more like a traditional kids' tattoo.)

I tested these out on both Jack and Quinn, as they are my wanderers. I applied them on their forearms, but you could put one pretty much anywhere and just teach your child to point to it if they are lost. Jack was extremely proud of his and showed it to everyone he could find. (Which is why it's not recommended that you write your child's name on the tatttoo.) Quinn liked his as well.

The two of them each wore one to a Washington Nationals baseball game, which seemed like a pretty good place to have identifying information on my little nomads.

Frankly, Jack should be a sales rep for SafetyTat. I think he helped sell many tattoos at the baseball game and on the Metro.

SafetyTat claims that more than 2000 kids get lost in the U.S. every day. They say that 90% of families will experience losing a child in a public place. I'm horrified to say so, but I lost Quinn once at the mall. It was the most terrifying five minutes of my life. And that was only five minutes in a mall. Can you imagine losing a four-year-old at Nationals Stadium?

SafetyTats won't keep your child from getting lost, and they won't guarantee a safe return, but they might help get your child back faster if they do wander off. And isn't that worth a couple of bucks?

I think these tattoos would be perfect for a vacation because they last so long. Jack has been wearing the same Quick Stick SafetyTat for eight days and, yes, it's a little the worse for wear, but it's still legible and could be read in an emergency. These tattoos stay on through baths, soap, swimming pools, and pretty much anything except peeling them off (kind of like a bandaid).

Sticking strong after a shower!

One of the other great things about this company is all the varieties of tattoos they offer. With different colors and cute pictures featuring everything from dinosaurs and puppies to butterflies and giraffes, you will be able to find one your child loves. They even have tattoos designed to be cool enough for older kids and tweens. (Not all of these styles are available in the Quick Stick variety.)

SafetyTats offers many specialized tattoos, including some in Spanish, medical alert tattoos, tattoos detailing allergies, and special needs tattoos, including tattoos that say, "I have Autism" or "I have non-verbal Autism" or just "non-verbal please call."

I'll be buying more of these SafetyTats not only for our day-to-day outings, but for our vacation in August. My biggest problem with my imminent SafetyTat order is that it is going to be hard to choose which design to pick.

Enjoy them if you decide to buy them, and I genuinely hope that they never get put to use in an emergency by you.

Honesty Clause: SafetyTat sent me two three-packs of Quick Stick SafetyTats to try out at no charge. I used one pack and sort of grudgingly gave one set away to a friend of mine who wants to try them out at Disneyworld. Quick Stick SafetyTats sell at $7.99 for four, $9.95 for six, and $19.95 for 18.


Melissa said...

These sound cool....great that the kids can't take them off! I made Colin memorize my cell phone number for this type of emergency, but I'm not sure he would really remember it in a time of panic.

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