Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wooleycat's Musical Theater

For maybe two years, every night after dinner my kids, my husband, and I would retire to the living room, put on a CD and DANCE! Some of our music staples were the Black Eyed Peas, the Grateful Dead, and disco. It was great fun and good exercise, but it was not a soothing before-bed activity. Sometimes our kids ended up too riled up to go to bed easily.

Those of you that are smarter than us (most of you), who are looking for more age-appropriate music, or who want a fun, quiet way to enjoy bedtime, should take a look at and a listen to Wooleycat's Musical Theater.

Wooleycat's Musical Theater is a sweet book/CD combo by Dennis Hysom and Christine Walker that combines mellow, funny songs with a colorful, silly book. Some of the songs are soothing, some are energetic, but they were all fun.

I first put in the CD while I was babysitting a 2 1/2-year-old girl and sat down with her to read the book. The ten rhymes in the book consist of the song lyrics from the CD. The songs are inventive takes on classic nursery rhymes.

For instance, you may know Hickory Dickory Dock, but have you heard of Hickory, the Hang-Gliding Mouse? Same concept, different words, and waaaaay funnier pictures.

The little girl loved the pictures in the book. She flipped through and exclaimed over all the cute animals and funny things they did. Then my six-year-old son got a hold of the book. He eventually squeezed our little friend off the couch and sat reading the book in time to the music.

He read the entire book and listened to the entire CD. He loved it.

This would be a great before-bed book to read and then to leave the CD softly playing as your child falls asleep. You can hear samples of the songs on the Wooleycat website. Also at the website, you can play a virtual piano to make up your own melody. All kinds of fun.

Wooleycat songs, books, and video have won many parenting and childhood awards. If your kids are into silly music and fun books, this might be for them.

Honesty Clause: I received a review copy for free. Also, Hysom and Walker (the book/music creators), who are married, have a son named Quinn (like I do!), so I liked them even before I put the CD in the stereo. The Wooleycat Musical Theater book and CD retails for $18.95.