Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Passports: Brazil!

My kids got their second package from Little Passports in the mail today. In case you haven't been following along, Little Passports is a company that takes your kid on a virtual journey around the world by sending them packages each month from pretend kids named Sam and Sophie. Earlier this month I wrote about our first package.

Last month we guessed that Sam and Sophie would be visiting Brazil next. And we were right! We grabbed our suitcase and headed to our playroom, where we'd hung the world map that came in the first package. Sam used his mad geography skills to locate Brazil on the map.

We sat down together to read the letter detailing Sam and Sophia's adventure in Brazil.

All of my kids enjoy looking through the packages, but it is Sam, my seven-year-old, who enjoys it most. Based on my experience, I think the Little Passports service works best for this age group. The people behind Little Passports have suggested to me that this would be a great gift from grandparents, and I agree. What a wonderful way to encourage learning that continues every month.

This month's package had a great letter and some cool trinkets, including an amethyst, which tied into Sam and Sophia's Brazil storyline.

There were also stickers to put in their passport, on their suitcase, and on their map. The piece that Sam liked most, however, was the wooden toucan puzzle.

Each month also comes with a "boarding pass" allowing your child to access a new part of the Little Passport website. There is also a page of word games with clues to next month's trip.

We're thinking Japan.

Stay tuned...

Honesty Clause: Little Passports has given my kids a free three-month subscription to try it out. The service costs $10.95 a month.


whymommy said...

That's cool, Stimey. Another fun thing I wouldn't have heard about elsewhere....

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