Sunday, July 5, 2009

Too Many Monkeys by Gamewright

Gamewright describes Too Many Monkeys as "A Totally Bananas Card Game," and I'd have to agree. This is a completely silly game in which the object is to go from six face-down cards to one face-up card featuring a sleeping monkey.

That probably sounds confusing. I was confused when I read the instructions the first time. (Although to be fair to the instructions, they say that they were written "by a monkey with a bad sense of humor.")

Once we started playing though, the game became very clear very quickly. I won't go into all the rules here, but it's a very silly game that takes place over several rounds. I really like that because even if every kid doesn't win the whole thing, every kid probably will win a round or two, which makes the game way more fun. No one—not even a monkey with a bad sense of humor—likes a kid who is surly because he didn't win a game.

Once you get into it, the game is really simple and, like every other Gamewright game I've seen, features adorable playing pieces—in this case, cards.

This game, which teaches number sequencing and probability, is intended for kids ages 6 and up. I've played with my kids, one of whom just turned six and one who is almost eight. I put my four-year-old on my team and let him help me. All of them had a great time. Adults will have fun too. This game even turned my physician sister into a silly raccoon-imitating lunatic. Because I'm really kind, I'm not posting that photo here, but it's a good one.

Instead, I'll show you this adorable one of my kids playing the game.

Even though the game takes place over several rounds, it's still pretty fast-moving. I like that this is a card game that doesn't involve kids trying to hold a whole handful of cards. There is a little strategy to the game, but much of it is just luck, and the strategy is intuitive enough that kids pick up on it pretty fast.

And any game that makes my kid this happy is okay by me!

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Honesty Clause: Gamewright gave me a review copy of Too Many Monkeys at no charge. Too Many Monkeys sells for $10.99.