Sunday, July 19, 2009

WNBA: The Washington Mystics Rock!

I have three sons. They love to play sports, especially Sam, my oldest. So when I got the opportunity to attend a WNBA game, I jumped at the chance. I was so excited to show my kids that women can play pro sports too.

We went to a Washington Mystics (vs. New York Liberty) game last Saturday, and my kids couldn't have been more excited.

"I don't want to miss a minute of the game!" Sam said over and over before the game started. He was so thrilled to be going to a real basketball game that he had to get some practice hoops in before we left for the game.

I sat next to Sam for the whole game and he was riveted. He asked all kinds of questions and was really excited about the score. He kept doing math to figure out how far ahead the Mystics were. (I'll cut the suspense right now; the Mystics won, 68-67! And thank goodness, otherwise I think Sam would have been devastated.)

It was so fun to explain the game to Sam. I told him about the shot clock and fouls and what happened when the ball went out of bounds. Every once in a while I would tell him something and he would get all offended and say, "I KNOW that!"

I'd forgotten how exciting it is to watch a basketball game in person.

The great thing about taking kids to a WNBA game, as opposed to an NBA game, is that the quarters are each ten minutes long. Which is great in case some members of your family have shorter attention spans.

A third quarter walk around the stadium perked Quinn back up and he was happy to watch the rest of the game. Some stadium hot dogs and lemonade helped too.

And some of our family really enjoyed the potato chips we got.

Jack and his chips entertained the ladies behind us so much that they had to giggle about him to us in the last few seconds of the game. He was absolutely covered in grease and crumbs. It was hilarious.

The crowd was great. They were excited and loud and cheered and it was absolutely infectious. And because the game really came down to the last few seconds, it was extra exciting and fun.

After the game, we got to go meet a couple of the players and get their autographs. "Why?" asked Sam. (He didn't really get the concept of the autograph.) Jack was really excited to see the players in person though. But he only wanted to see the team that wore the white uniforms. Luckily, that's exactly who we were going to see.

We also briefly ran into Lolli, who was at the game, although we were busy trying to herd our rapidly tiring children into some state of obedience. (The game started at 7 and ended at about 9ish.) Lolli said her kids loved the game too.

Quinn was really thrilled with his swag, in the form of a foam basketball and a signed ticket.

If you're lucky enough to live in a city that has a WNBA team, I think a game is a wonderful place to have some family fun (although Quinn and Jack got a little fidgety) and to show your kids that women are amazing athletes.

If you're local and have a special needs child, check out the discount tickets the Mystics are offering for their July 23rd game against the Chicago Sky.

Honesty Clause: The WNBA gave my family five tickets to the game, along with vouchers for food while we were there. But we'd gladly pay to go again!


BetteJo said...

Looks like everyone had a good time - in their own different ways. I love it that Jack only wanted to see the team in the white uniforms - I'm glad it happened to be the team you were rooting for!

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