Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lands End Bags, Sweaters, and Swimsuits

A couple of the things that I was given at last month's BlogHer conference came from Lands' End. You all know that Lands' End makes high quality products that seem to last forever. But I love my new stuff so much that I thought I would write a post to make sure you know how fabulous they are.

The Eco-friendly Backpack is, bar none, one of my new favorite things. It is made of 100% recycled fabric and is sized for ages 10 and up. I recently took this backpack with me on a two-week vacation to hold all of MY stuff (as opposed to my family's stuff). I'm in love. It has a padded laptop sleeve (fits up to a 15" laptop), two huge compartments, and a front pocket for every small electronic item I could think to take with me.

There were also lot of other little pockets and straps that I haven't utilized. Yet. If you're looking for a comfortable, quality backpack (or diaper bag), this could be it. And it comes in seven colors, so you'll find one you like. The Eco-friendly backpack sells for $49.50, but is on sale at the Lands' End website for $39.50.

The next item I'd like to talk about are Lands' Ends tote bags. I received an Open Top Canvas Tote Bag last year at BlogHer. I don't think I've written about it, but I have used it so consistently over the past year, that it deserves a mention. Now, don't go thinking I'm some totebag neophyte. Trust me, I know my way around a totebag. I have many, many totebags. And this is the one I return to most frequently.

The best thing about this bag is that it holds its form, stands up all by itself, and holds itself open. So you can take it somewhere and put it down without it falling over. And it is easy to pull things out, because they stay where you put them. I use this bag mostly as my "waiting room bag," which I keep full of things to keep my kids busy in waiting rooms. I've tried several different tote bags: smaller, larger, backpack, softer... This is the one I stick with.

I took this bag on vacation as well and used it mainly for the beach. I loved using it for that because I could put my camera and cell phone in it and not have to worry about them getting all sandy because it never fell over. It also has little pockets inside and out that are good for things such as sunglasses, sunscreen, and other essentials. Like candy. Lands' End's Open Top Canvas Tote Bags sell for $17 to $30, depending on the size.

Another lovely item Lands' End was giving away at this year's BlogHer conference is their FeelGood V-neck Stripe Cardigan Sweater, which they were calling the "Boyfriend Sweater." I'm wearing mine right now. It's lightweight and long and has pockets. It's extremely cozy.

If I could have chosen, I'm not sure I would have picked stripes, because I'm not a stripey kind of gal, but I definitely am a sweater gal. I wear hoodie sweatshirts pretty much all the time, and this is a far classier variation of that. If you don't like stripes, try out the similar FeelGood V-neck Cable Cardigan Sweater. Both sell for $69.50.

Also, this September through December, for every FeelGood sweater purchased, Lands' End will be donating their signature FeelGood yarn to One Heart Foundation's Warming Families, a knitting charity that uses volunteers to knit hats for the homeless and displaced.

I think one of the most common things people (at least people I know) buy at Lands' End are their swimsuits. I've had the same swimsuit for a long, long time and honestly, it was making me a little sad. I didn't feel like I looked good in it and it was a one piece, which made it extremely hard to go to the bathroom while wearing it. To be perfectly honest, I skipped a lot of swimming opportunities just because I hated my suit.

So this year I decided to go ahead and buy a suit that I liked and that would last me for a while.

I insisted on a tankini, for its stomach covering ability and because I would be able to go to the bathroom without being nude. And I decided to go with a skirt bottom. It doesn't cover a whole lot more than my old suit, but I feel about a thousand times better wearing it.

Lands' End has so many options for suits that it made it easy to find one I liked. I bought the Women's Regular AquaTerra Dot Square Neck X-back Swim Top (that's a long name for a swimsuit). I see that it's now on sale for $19.99, which makes me mad for buying it at a higher sale price (regular price is $52.50), but I've already gotten some good use out of it. I coordinated that with the Women's Regular AquaTerra Solid SwimMini, which is on sale for $14.99 (regularly $52.50). Seriously, if you're looking for a suit for next year, buy it now on sale.

I also bought the Women's Regular Cotton Jersey Zip-front Hooded Cover-up (now $19.50, on sale from $24.50) because I like to wear a cover up. I also like that it has pockets. And a hood. And long sleeves.

Lands' End is a little more expensive than the places I usually shop (Target and Old Navy), but for pieces that you will use over and over, it's worth the extra cost.

Honesty Clause: I received the bags and sweater at no charge. I ordered and paid for the swimsuit and cover-up myself.


Tech Savvy Mama said...

Lands' End stuff is the best and I'm not just saying that because of their generosity at BlogHer. I consistently buy their products for my family because of their high quality and satisfaction guarantee. We love their Snow Flurry Boots, kids' shoes, and both me and my husband love their no iron shirts. Kudos to Lands' End for fabulous stuff!

ShallowGal said...

I loved the way the sweater felt but felt funny in the stripes. After wearing it for about a week, I gave it to my friend who is a Michigan fan.

Now I know it will get the love it deserves. (And my 11 year old totally stole that backpack already)

xo, SG

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