Sunday, August 16, 2009

Skin Free Skin Care Products

I have tough skin. I need to put that right up front. I have really difficult skin. So I have a lot of sympathy for companies that pitch skin care products to me. I have psoriasis. I have dermatitis. I have dry, flaky face skin and if I treat the dry skin, I break out in red bumps.

Sometimes it sucks to be me.

But I ran out of my prescription face cream at the same time that Skin Free contacted me about testing some of their products. So I thought I would go ahead and give them a try.

This is my skin the day I started using their products. My skin isn't as flaky in this photo as it often is.

I'll tell you first about the Extra Moisturizing Soap & Shampoo Bar. I really liked the soap. Like all their products, they are vegan and made without animal testing. I have a lot of sensory issues and generally don't like soap (again, I'm a pleasure to work with if you're a skin care company), but I liked this soap. It didn't have any fragrance and had a lovely texture. It is created with extra virgin olive oil instead of the detergents and chemicals and fragrances found in many other soaps. It also didn't leave an icky residue on my hands, which is a big deal for me. You can use this soap as a shampoo bar, but I just wasn't ready for that particular sensory experience.

I asked to try the Lite Moisture for Blemish Prone Skin because of the reaction that my skin often has to skin care products. Honestly, it just wasn't strong enough for my facial skin. I should have known that something labeled "Lite Moisture" may not have been right for me, a person whose skin seems to peel off of her face on a regular basis. To be fair, my skin didn't have a bad reaction to the product, but it wasn't a match for my skin. Even if it had worked on my skin, I'm not sure I could have stuck with it because of the strong smell of it. Skin Free products are fragrance-free, but the ingredients must have a smell because I was definitely aware of it. Granted, someone not so sensitive to smells might not be bothered by it.

Which brings me to the Super Moisture Butter Creme. I don't think this is intended to use on the face, but I switched over to it after the Lite Moisture wasn't strong enough. I liked this much better. It has no discernible odor and the texture was completely non-offensive. Plus, it did great things for my flaky skin! I do have to use it every day to keep the flakes at bay, which is tough for me, because I tend to forget and avoid using lotion, but based on my skin's reaction to it, I'm going to stick with it. If you're allergic to soy, this doesn't have any soy products in it. Plus they recommend it for preventing stretch marks.

These are the three products I tried out. Skin Free offers many more.

This was my skin after using Skin Free products for two or three weeks:

I'm not sure if you can tell the difference from these photos, and no, my skin isn't magically perfect now, but I feel good having found another tool to help me try to beat it into submission.

Honesty Clause: Skin Free sent me review samples of their Extra Moisturizing Soap & Shampoo Bar (sells for $3.99), Super Moisture Butter Creme (sells for $12.99), and Lite Moisture for Blemish Prone Skin (sells for $15.99). Skin Free products are available at certain CVS stores on the East Coast (plus at, in many Walgreens stores, and at Also find them at and on Skin Free's own site. Get free shipping on orders over $25 at the Skin Free site.


JuliaA said...

your skin looks fantastic!

i'm so glad to read reviews from ppl with flaky skin--severe flaky skin doesn't seem like it's nearly as common as blemish-prone skin, adn i've been on what seems like an endless search for products that help my flaky, dry skin. but i get zits too. it's ridiculous.

thanks for the review. :D

silverhartgirl said...

I can tell the difference. your skin looks better.
I am going to have to try this

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