Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Melissa's Paperie (plus Discount Code!)

A Discount Code is near the bottom of this post.

I have this friend named Melissa, and last year she showed up at a preschool holiday fair with a table full of paper goods. And I was astounded. I couldn't quite believe that she had created all the beautiful art in front of me.

I immediately ordered several of her creations for teacher gifts. She has since opened an Etsy shop, Melissa's Paperie, so people that don't know her in person can also buy her gorgeous cards, boxes, and other paper creations.

Her cards are beautiful and the cost is totally competitive with what you would spend in a store to buy a mass-produced card. Her cards tend to run between $4 and $5, depending on how many you buy. (They are available individually or in sets.) Frankly, if I'm going to spend $4.50 on a card, I would rather have it look like this...

...than like Hallmark card you would get for the same price.

She also does custom orders. Check out the robot card at the top of this post. She made it for Quinn's birthday when we invited her son to a party last May. I framed it and hung it above his bed, it's that cute.

This is a baby shower card she made for a friend at our preschool:

And these are her custom-made invitations for her son's pirate-themed birthday party:

Imagine what she could do for your next event. She told me that she loves to create things specifically for customers. In the past, she's created picture frames, scrapbooks, invitations, and cards as custom orders. You can create custom orders on her Etsy site, or find Melissa's email address on her blog.

In fact, if you go to her Etsy shop, you will see not only cards, but also gift boxes and keepsake boxes. Last year, she made gift card holders for my teacher gifts that also had packets of hot cocoa inside. They were fantastic. She blogs often about the things she makes. It amazes me every time I see that she's put up a new post. She makes incredibly beautiful things.

Melissa has been doing paper crafts since early 2006, when she started scrapbooking photos from her son's first year. If you check out her store, I think you'll agree that she has a tremendous talent for it.

If you think I sound a little gushy, you're right. But it's not just because she's my friend. It's because she makes cards that cost pretty much exactly what they cost in the store but are far superior. If you have an occasion coming up that you need a special card for, get in touch with her. You really won't be sorry. I've seen many of her cards in person and they are gorgeous.

Melissa is also a very cool person and has offered my readers a Discount Code! If you order three cards from her shop, she will give you a fourth free. Just write "STIMEY" in the "message to seller" at the checkout point and make a note of what card you want for free. Great deal!

Honesty Clause: Melissa is my friend, but I have not received any compensation for this review. Nor did she ask me to write it. In fact, I've been harassing her for quite some time to do publicity for her stuff. It is incredible.


NGS said...

That shop really does look cool. I think the sets and gift boxes are going to make excellent "I don't really know you very well, but I have to give you a present" presents. I have bookmarked the shop as a favorite and the next time I need said present, I'll be heading there!

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