Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Play-Doh Burger Builder

You may not be aware of this, but today (September 16) was National Play-Doh day. Now, I'm flat-out going to tell you that I can't stand Play-Doh. I have all kinds of sensory issues that cause me to freak out when it's around.

Unfortunately (for me), my kids don't share my opinion. They LOVE Play-Doh and everything that comes with it. They can't get enough of the stuff.

They spotted the Play-Doh Burger Builder that I was sent to review and insisted on playing with it immediately. Like yesterday.

Even I, who don't like squishy things, have to admit that this is a cool toy. The first thing that I noticed about it is that, other than the Play-Doh name, there is no branding on the thing. I love that. A few years ago someone gave my kids a McDonald's Play-Doh set and it drove me crazy. I hated the consumerism that came with what should be just a fun, creative activity. Score 1 for the Burger Builder!

The Burger Builder is a fun little set. It's made up of three little presses to make the shapes of burgers, buns, lettuce, pickles, and more. There are six plates that are easy enough for small kids to put on the press and change all by themselves. There is also a little press for kids to make snakes, strips, and that sort of thing.

There's also a chip maker, or something to that effect. Jack (my six-year-old) really liked this. He liked seeing how it worked. I think it was a little hard to use, but he couldn't have cared less. He loved it. Maybe I was doing it wrong.

Another score for the Burger Builder? It comes with five cans of Play-Doh in all the colors you need to make a burger. Awesome.

This is a great toy. If your kids like Play-Doh, they will like this. It is not as complicated as some other Play-Doh sets that I've seen, so it's really functional and practical for all ages. My kids kept pulling this out day after day to play with it. They adore it.

And for that, I'm willing to forgive Play-Doh for being squishy.

Play-Doh is currently running a contest until September 30 that showcases your child's best Play-Doh art. Send Play-Doh a photo of your child's best Play-Doh food creation. Winners get a $5000 playroom makeover and a $5000 Doh-nation (ha, ha, ha) for their school.

Honesty Clause: Play-Doh sent me the Burger Builder and the backpack shown above at no charge. The Burger Builder sells for $15.99.


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

This sounds great! Lucas loves play-doh but to date I've only let him use cookie cutters and the pizza cutter with it. He'd go crazy to know that there are REAL play-doh tools out there! I'm thrilled to know about the lack of branding, too. The last thing we need is one more reason for him beg for "Old McDonalds" as he calls it.

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