Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weight Watchers Giant Wildberry & Orange Sorbet and Ice Cream Bars

I am hesitant to recommend Weight Watchers' Giant Wildberry & Orange Sorbet and Ice Cream Bars because, frankly, they are too good. They just might sabotage your diet because you will want to eat all six that come in the box at one sitting.

I am dead serious.

I have been a fan of Weight Watchers' ice cream novelties for a long time, even when I haven't been watching my weight, but I hadn't tried these particular bars because they didn't look that interesting to me.

But then Weight Watchers gave me a coupon to try out an ice cream treat and I figured that I would go with something new.

They are creamy and light and delicious. The texture is awesome. Each bar is huge and satisfying. But if you try the orange one first, then you're going to want to try the wildberry. And then you just might want to try to cram another one in your mouth for good measure.

Given the option, I will almost always choose chocolate ice cream over fruit, but these may have converted me.

In fact, my next excursion to the ice cream aisle may have me coming home with Weight Watchers' other fruity ice cream treat, their Strawberry, Key Lime and Passion Fruit Sherbet and Ice Cream Bars. And this variety is only one point a serving to the larger bars' two.

In all seriousness, go out an buy these. They are really good. Even if you're thin as a rail, you are going to like these.

Honesty Clause: I received a coupon to pick an ice cream novelty to try at no charge. They sell for about $4.99 in the store.