Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Enthused About Nintendo!

I wanted to take some time here to let you know that I've joined with Brand About Town to be a Nintendo Brand Enthusiast for the next year or so, so you'll likely be seeing some Nintendo reviews and chatter around these parts in the coming months.

When Brand About Town contacted me, I was thrilled, and not just because of the possibility of free stuff and parties (of which there will be), but because I honest to god love the Nintendo brand.

See, my family are gamers, and we have been for as long as we can remember. I actually started out with the Atari 400, of which I have very fond memories. Alex evidently had the first Nintendo system, the name of which I can't even remember. But our "as a family" gaming journey began together waaaay back in the 90s when I bought Alex a Nintendo 64 as a gift. I cannot tell you how many hours we spent playing on that thing together, especially Mario Kart. (I raced as Bowser, Alex as Donkey Kong.)

When the Nintendo GameCube came out, it was a natural progression for us to buy that and spend hours playing it, which we did.

Since we've had kids, we've had less time to play video games, but as my kids have gotten older, they have started to enjoy them. Last year for Christmas, Alex blew my mind by buying me a Wii and Wii Fit. And I love them. But you know who loves them more? My kids. And you know what I love about them loving the Wii? Unlike with other video game systems (and, yes, we own others), this one actively engages more than their thumbs.

The games my kids really love on the Wii are the ones that get them moving. They love Outdoor Challenge, they love Wii Sports, and Jack has started asking for Wii Sports Resort, which his occupational therapist uses as a reward and a teaching tool. Jack is also super obsessed with the tank shooting game on Wii Play, spending hours drawing pictures of tanks and maps of their environments.

I think that means we own the entire Nintendo line, which is a little shocking now that I look back on this post. Oh, wait! We didn't own the DSi. But now we do. Brand About Town sent me a DSi AND the very game that has made me covet the DS for ages—Brain Age (2). I just about flipped my lid when I opened that package.

Although I might have flipped my lid more had I opened it two weeks ago, when we bought Sam a DSi for his birthday. (But now I have my own as well, and get to mess with Sam who thinks I'm stealing his game to play.) Sam is a good kid and spends a fair amount of his time in waiting rooms because Jack has therapy twice a week, so it seemed like a nice thing to surprise him with the game system that he always drools at when other kids have it.

He had never asked for one (I don't think he was bold enough to think we would agree to buy him one) and was NOT expecting it. After he opened the birthday present, his mind went into overload and he was completely unable to react:

He sat like that for a solid two or three minutes. For a second, I thought Nintendo had flat-out killed him.

All of this is to say that, as a family, we really love Nintendo. And apparently we are a little spoiled as well. But I also wanted to let you know why you would be reading about Nintendo products and events here for the next little while. No, I'm not being paid to write these posts or to host parties, but, yes, there are perks. But, you will still always get my honest opinion about the products. I just happen to really like the products. I think that just may be why they chose me.

So, carry on and happy gaming!

Honesty Clause: To welcome me to their program, Brand About Town sent me a Nintendo DSi, the DS game Brain Age 2, and a copy of Wii Fit Plus. You'll be hearing about the Wii Fit Plus soon. All the other games and equipment mentioned above have been purchased by me or members of my family.


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Ohhh! How fun! I actually have a totally relevant question for you to maybe cover as part of this.... Someone recommended that Lucas would be a great age to get a DS and that it would be a uber-helpful distraction to have when the new baby arrives. He'll be 4 in December so this could be a birthday or Christmas present. He hasn't played any video or computer games except some find this letter/number/shape apps on Abel's iphone. So my questions he too young? Are there games he could play, etc. Would you recommend it?

Magpie said...

I secretly love my DSi. And the Wii.

whymommy said...

I'm a fan. And a geek. Am SO looking forward to hearing about Wii fit plus and wii sports resort -- both "temptations" on my list for the Fall!

Melissa said...

Can't wait to hear more about the DS--we are thinking of getting one for Colin for Xmas or his bday in January. We would love to get a Wii, they are so fun!

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