Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stimey's Sister's Top iPhone Apps!

You've now spent four days reading about my favorite apps. But enough about me, what do other people like? I checked in with my sister, Ann, (who technically isn't me), who uses her iPhone to do pretty much anything she needs in her personal life and in her professional life as a doctor. She didn't name all the medical apps she uses, but here are her other favorites! (My snarky comments follow in brackets.)

Shazam (Free)

Cool app that you can hold up to the radio—it analyzes the song and tells you what it is. [I think there is more to this app, but I didn't bother to check as I ran to get my iPhone and test it out. Way cool.]

Safe Note ($0.99 or Free)

This is a notebook app with password protection. I use it for passwords and financial information. [But where do you keep the password for the app?]

Pandora (Free)

Radio app where you put in lists of people you like and it comes up with stations for you to listen to based on that. [I have Pandora on my iPhone as well, but I rarely use it. I need to remember to use it, because everyone who does loves it.]

PocketMoney ($4.99 or Free)

Budgeting app—I use it as a checkbook. It keeps track of what you have in your accounts, plus you can clear things that the bank has cleared so you know where the bank thinks you stand too. It's really easy to add notations when you're buying something at a store so you don't have to save receipts. [Plus, its little pig icon is adorable.]

Formula Pro ($4.99)

This is an app with tons of mathematical and other formulas. The neat thing is that you can define and save your own formulas, plus it's really easy to enter info and get an answer (versus having to use a calculator where there's more chance for error). [Neeeeeeerrrrrdddddd!!!! Also, I feel kinda dumb now, because I would never have a use for this in my sad little illiterate life.]

Boxed In ($0.99 or Free)

A simple but very addictive game. Move boxes around to get out of the maze. [Well, I'm glad to see that Ms. Mathematical Formula plays dumb games too. I'm going to go download this now.]

NYTimes, MSNBC, and TimeMobile (Free)

News apps. [Yeah, I wish I had something to add to this, but "news apps" pretty much covers it. However, I can add that I feel kind of embarrassed now that I don't have any news apps on my iPhone as I get most of my news from twitter.]

Apparently no one has any App suggestions for me. Hellooooooo!!!! Is this thing on? Well, if you do have app suggestions, leave them in the comments here so others can read them. And so I can download them.

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Honesty Clause: All of these apps were downloaded by my sister and paid for (if there was a charge) by her.


Melissa said...

Thanks for reviewing all these I am even more jealous that I don't have an iphone. I am constantly hinting to my husband that I want one! Are there any cheaper alternatives??

whymommy said...

Doggone it, Stimey, now I've gone and downloaded even more apps to my app-happy iphone. Here are some of my favorites, besides the ones you mentioned. All were free for the initial version; I only spent $ on Tiki Towers upgrade. It's awesome.

Free Solitare 3D (and its full version) -- mmm, excellent card games on this one.

Solitare City -- nice graphics for the standard games

Bump -- handy social networking app, if both of you have it

FW Sampler -- preschool letter game

Nintali Lite -- frustrating but addictive puzzle game

Toobz -- awesome quick puzzle game that my preschooler, husband, mother, and I all love

HuffPost -- if you love it, it's here on the iphone

echo -- Simon Says

Waterslide -- preschooler loves this, great graphics

Lights Out -- fun tapping game about energy conservation, from PBSkids

and Tiki Tower, which is the best and most awesome iphone app I've found in the entertainment department. In it, you build a bridge stick-by-stick for monkeys to swing across, and then you tap a button to "let the monkeys out!" My kids and I love it, and they learn a little engineering while they're at it.

Oops, I just wrote a post in your comment box.

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