Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stimey's Top iPhone Apps—Social Media and More

Yesterday, I listed my top ten iPhone utility apps. Today, I'm going to tell you about my favorite apps that I use for social media purposes. (And a couple you can use when you're actually socializing in real life!)

Tweetdeck (Free)

If you know me, you know I love to tweet. And you also might know that my Tweetdeck is always open on my computer at home. So when Tweetdeck came out with their mobile version, I was quick to scoop it up. I love it. I've only used this and Twitterfon (now Echofon), and I like TweetDeck much better.

Whrrl (Free)

Whrrl is a great little social network that lets you create "stories" made up of photos and little blurbs. It's a great way to document an event or an outing. I haven't used Whrrl much, but I did create a story once. Then Alex yelled at me for hanging out with my iPhone instead of participating with the family, and since then I've been afraid to Whrrl in front of him. But some day I'll do it again. It's lots of fun!

BlogPress ($2.99)

When I was on vacation over the summer, I didn't have any internet connections, so I was entirely reliant on my iPhone to update my Blogger blog. I've only used BlogPress once to toss a short post up to my blog, but it was easy to use and seemed reliable. Just prior to downloading BlogPress, I'd tried to use BlogWriter, and I couldn't even get it to log into my account. BlogPress was a breath of fresh air after that.

Flickr (Free)

I don't use Flickr a whole lot, but I like having the option of uploading my photos from my iPhone camera to Flickr. If you are a serious Flickr user, I would consider this to be a must-have app.

Facebook (Free)

I kind of hate Facebook and I'm angry that I use it at all, but it does have its charm. And if you want to use Facebook from your phone, you've gotta have this free app. Easy to use and a fun way to pass time.

Movie Must-Haves: PhoneFlicks and Fandango (Both free)

Whether you're going to the movies or adjusting your Netflix queue for home viewing, these two apps will make sure that you never miss a movie you want to see again.

OpenTable (Free)

And as long as you're out on the town seeing a movie, you might as well used OpenTable to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant. I haven't been able to use this app yet because, frankly, the McDonald's drive thru doesn't use OpenTable, but someday I'll be out with my husband or my friends and I am going to look like a superhero for busting out this restaurant reservation app.

Tomorrow: Game reviews!!

I'd like to have my last day of reviews be reader-suggested apps. Let me know in the comments or via email what your favorite apps are and why. Also let me know what apps you tried that were not worth the time.

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Honesty Clause: All of these apps were downloaded by me and paid for (if there was a charge) by me.