Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stimey's Top Twelve Simple iPhone Game Apps

When I got my iPhone, I was convinced that I would not be filling it up with games. Furthermore, I was convinced that I would never just hand it over to my kids and say, "Here. Keep busy." But I did and I do. The iPhone is a life saver when you're out with your kids and need to keep them entertained. I've found some great games—some for my kids and some for me—and most of them have been free. Read on!

Crosswords ($9.99)

This is quite possibly the app I use more than any other on my iPhone. This app downloads new puzzles everyday, so you will never run out (unless you spent a LOT of time doing crosswords). This has been well-worth the $9.99 it cost. If you want to give it a test run, download the free lite version first.

Sol Free (Free)

This is a great app for some mindless solitaire action, with enough variations to keep you busy. I only use the Klondike Deal 3 version, but there are several other games as well. Maybe the only bad thing about this app is that it keeps track of the amount of time you spend playing it. Oy.

Spazzle Free (Free)

This is a fast-paced Whack-a-Mole game that gets my kids giggling until they can barely breathe. Whack the moles with your finger, but don't get the cats!

Chicks on the Loose ($1.99)

Another make your kids laugh until they gasp game. None of my kids are very good at this game, but they love it. Fair warning: if you download the free version first, your kids will continually touch the "upgrade to full version" button until you give in and just upgrade already.

JellyCar (Free)

Tap the screen and rotate the iPhone to make your Jelly Car do silly things as it navigates a crazy course. I thought it would be hard for my kids to pick this up, but they got it in a snap, and they love it.

BrainTeaser (Free)

The object of this game is to match the pattern in the corner by tapping squares in the upper part. When you tap a square, all the adjoining squares flip as well. I got bored with this game almost immediately, but my husband loves it and will sneak away with my phone to play it.

Trace (Free)

This was my first iPhone game, and it holds a special place in my heart. My six-year-old was obsessed with it for a while, as was I. However, once you've done each puzzle once, it loses much of its appeal. I'm waiting for a sequel.

Pac Man Lite (Free)

The classic arcade game comes back in iPhone form. It's a little hard to navigate using the arrow buttons, but it still keeps my young kids busy and happy.

Lightsaber Unleashed (Free)

This app is stupid and useless. But my kids love it. It makes whooshing lightsaber noises and lets them build different color weapons on the screen.

Pole Position: Remix Lite (Free)

I loved Pole Position when I was a kid, but I had to go to an arcade and cough up a quarter. My kids just have to grab my iPhone and turn it this way and that to drive the race course. I don't think any of them have raced a qualifying time EVER, but they don't care.

Air Hockey Free (Free)

Again, I love air hockey, and while this free game doesn't compare to a big table, it does manage to get some of the flavor of the game in a fingertip version. You can choose from one player, two player, one puck, two puck, kiddie level, easy get the point.

Doodle Buddy (Free)

This isn't technically a game, but I added it here because it is a fun app that keeps my kids busy, and is creative at the same time. You use your finger to draw whatever you want. Why bother downloading tic-tac-toe or hangman? Just draw it yourself with Doodle Buddy.

Tomorrow my sister guest posts with her favorite apps.

I'd like to have my last day of reviews be reader-suggested apps. Let me know in the comments or via email what your favorite apps are and why. Also let me know what apps you tried that were not worth the time.

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Honesty Clause: All of these apps were downloaded by me and paid for (if there was a charge) by me.