Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eucerin vs. Lubriderm

Hint: The winner starts with a "Eucer" and ends with an "in." As in, "EU CER, have lovely skIN."

Okay. So after I got home from BlogHer a few months ago and unpacked my bags, I found a lot of beauty products given out by various sponsors.

Two of those things were tubes of lotion: Eucerin's Everyday Protection Body Lotion and Lubriderm's Intense Skin Repair. Because I have problematic facial skin that can require a prescription, I am always on the lookout for good lotions.

See, I ran out of my face cream prescription a while back and have been too lazy to go back to the dermatologist. So I looked at these two bottles of lotion and decided to use them.

I chose the Lubriderm first because it said "intense skin repair" on it, and trust me, I have intense skin.

I really liked the texture and consistency of it, more so than the Eucerin. I used it everyday, sometimes more than once. My skin stayed dry and kept peeling in its problem spots, however. I have had problems in the past remembering to use lotion every day, and now that I was using it daily, I figured that my skin was just the kind that would always peel from dryness.

And it was bad. Some days it looked like my skin was entirely trying to disassociate itself from my face. But it didn't occur to me that the type of lotion I used would make a big difference.

Until one day I grabbed the Eucerin because the Lubriderm was temporarily misplaced. And by the end of the day there was no more skin trying to peel off of my face. The Eucerin had done for me in one day what Lubriderm had not been able to do over a course of weeks.

Now, remember, everyone has different skin, and what works for me may not work for you, but for me? From now on, I'm a Eucerin girl all the way.

Honesty Clause: Both Lubriderm and Eucerin gave free samples of their lotion to me.


Leeann said...

So, did the Eucerin make your face feel or look greasy?

My fave lotion of choice (I have a dry face too) is the Aveeno daily moisterizing lotion (it is in a squeeze tube) with SPF 15. That stuff is thick but not greasy.

Heather said...

I like Eucerin too. I have mild eczema and Lubriderm doesn't do anything for it but Eucerin always does the trick.

Melissa said...

I like Eucerin but find some of their lotions too greasy. It has been recommended to me by several dermatologists.

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

It sounds like my sister has the same type of skin as you. Her ultimate cure was moving to San Diego but she swears by Eucerin when she's visiting the East coast and her face immediately gets red and dry upon stepping off the plane!

Tech Savvy Mama said...

I have found that Lubriderm just doesn't do it for me but Eucerin does. I like their Calming Creme and Aquaphor. Aquaphor is thick and awesome for Captain Computer chapped cheeks in the winter and I like putting it on my lips right before bed.

Joan said...

I'm also a huge fan of Eucerin. It really does do the job far, far better than Lubriderm and, frankly, most other non-prescription lotions. Like Tech Savvy Mama said, Aquaphor is pretty awesome too. My husband's hands get so dry in the winter that they crack & bleed (yuck!) Aquaphor fixes that right up.

ALW said...

I am totally a Lubriderm over Eucerin girl, but what I recently discovered is GOLD BOND LOTION!!! That shit rocks! However, on my face I use Cetaphil.

Anonymous said...

Eucerin is extremely greasy and will stain anything your skin touches for 30-40min after application. Quite a poor product for the price. Consider modifying your diet and upping your water intake.

Candy said...

Cetaphil is my fave, but I've slowly developed a tree not allergy over the years and was getting bad zits more than usual on my legs (I Jane sensitive skin and struggle with razor bumps) and I found out it has macadamia oil. SO BUMMED. I used it for years and just like above, I could go a few days before needing to put some on. For years as a teenager, I had alligator skin legs. Nothing did it. Then I used my parents Cetaphil and my legs were on fire. The next day, no kidding, almost completely gone. MAGIC! Since I'm allergic, I've been struggling to find something comparable. I hate the smell odd Eucerin and Lubriderm, but it looks like I might have to cave in. I wonder of essential oils could help? The Cetaphil is a Kyle more expensive, but worth every penny. I miss it so much! Their habits moisturizer is great as well. Thank you for this article though, it's a blessing!

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