Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wii Fit Plus

Last year when Alex got me the Wii and Wii Fit for Christmas, I was beyond excited. Since then, we have used the Wii often and enthusiastically. But the biggest criticism I had of the Wii Fit was that it was really difficult to actually do a workout with it.

Yes, you could do the exercises, but between each one you had to go and select and set it up, which left a lot of down time in which you were thumbing through menus instead of working your body.

Nintendo has vastly improved all of that with their new Wii Fit Plus, the update to the Wii Fit. There are a bunch of new features to it, but the smartest are the ones that let users put together routines without having to recreate them every time.

Users can now put together a workout made up of their favorite yoga and strength activities so they can just turn on the TV and start moving.

As you can see, I don't much care to "exercise."

If you want to do a workout, but don't necessarily want to build it yourself, the Wii Fit Plus has some preprogrammed routines you can do based on your fitness goals.

There are a bunch of options. I didn't even bother to look at the routines for "Leaner Miis" and instead went right to the lists for—what is the opposite of "leaner"?—Fattier Miis. (Note: this is not how Nintendo refers to them.)

I wasn't exactly sure which one I should try first, but then decided to go with "Overindulged."

It just seemed right.

The Wii Fit Plus also tells you how many calories you've burned, and what that means in terms of food. When I checked it out prior to playing, I had burned 0 calories, which was enough to let me guzzle that glass of water I've had my eye on. Presumably, if you look at the calorie count after you exercise, you might see that you burned off that, oh, say, ice cream bar you ate earlier.

Ooooh! Oooooh! You can also create Miis for your pets. Which is AWESOME. Although you can't make them exercise. But you will see them running alongside you in some of the exercises. But you will have to pick up your 55-pound dog in order to get her a Mii, which, in our case, was highly entertaining in its own right due to the look of abject terror and confusion on her face when it happened.

Wake up, Quinn! Wake up, Nana!

Of course, the great thing about the Wii Fit is that it makes it fun to exercise. That's kinda the whole point. And the Wii Fit Plus adds a bunch of new excersises, including all of these super fun ones:

These new Training Plus exercises are so much fun. My personal favorite is the snowball fight, but a bunch of them were really entertaining. They include balance games, bicycling, karate, juggling, and even a Segway course, which was more strenuous than I would have thought.

And the Wii Fit Plus has a multi-player option making it SOOOOO much easier to take turns playing a game than with the original Wii Fit. I was really, really, really, really (REALLY) excited to see this. My kids always want to play with their own Miis, which used to make turn taking sort of onerous, but now it's a piece of cake!

All three of my kids love playing the new game. They regularly shout, "Can we play Wii Fit Plus?! Can we play Wii Fit Plus?!" Here is Sam skateboarding:

He needs to work on his stance.

And here is Quinn doing the flying game, which is quite possibly one of the most entertaining things I have watched in...ever:

I have to hand it to Nintendo for seeing the flaws in their system and making some terrific improvements.

We're still exploring the new functions and features of the Wii Fit Plus, so I'm sure there are things here that I've missed, but if you have a Wii Fit, it's definitely worth your time and your $19.99 to upgrade to Wii Fit Plus. If you have a Wii already, but not the balance board, you can get the Wii Fit Plus Balance Board bundle for $99.99. The Wii itself, which you need for Wii Fit Plus, is $199.99.

If you don't have a Wii, stay tuned for my next post here at Things. And Stuff. I'll be giving away a Wii and Wii Fit Plus with the Balance Board. (Edited to add: Okay, so not the next post. But soon.)

Honesty Clause: I am a Nintendo Brand Enthusiast and received a copy of Wii Fit Plus at no charge.


Tech Savvy Mama said...

What a great review! I am in love with the Wii Fit Plus (including the flying game!) and am now sold on getting the Wii to go with it. How's that for backwards?

mailmichal said...

I am totally there with Tech Savvy Mama. Gotta get me a wii and then quit the gym since I never go anyway!

Niksmom said...

I.Want.One. BAD!

Ange said...

dammit woman now I have to follow yet another blog because I wanna win I wanna win! Though if I win, I think I'd have to give it to Niksmom, because I have an overactive conscience...and if anyone deserves to win something, it's her!

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

I have been Wii Fit Plusing all day. It's fabulous!

Melissa said...

It looks and sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

I just love that you can upgrade from the Wii at a low cost. Great decision by the marketing folks to not require you to buy an entirely new setup.

And no, I don't work for them. :)
I do want a Wii now. I may need to backtrack on the, why don't we spend a LOT less on Christmas gifts this year. Not that we ever spent $300 per person, mind you.

Anonymous said...

wii fit plus info:
I'm confused. I just bought the wii console and want to get the wii fit plus. If i already have the balance board, can I just buy the wii fit plus or do i have to have the wii fit first?
if i buy the wii fit plus with balance board what does that package contain altogether? Thanks for any help you can give.

Stimey said...

Anonymous: You should be able to just buy the Wii Fit Plus. I don't know if the old-style Wii-Fit is even available anymore.

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