Sunday, December 13, 2009

Flex Cordless Mini Canister Vac

A lot of what I'm about to say here may be obvious to those of you who, you know, clean your homes, but it's kinda new to me.

Hand vacuums are AWESOME! No, really. I haven't had one of these since I made my husband get rid of an extremely old Dustbuster many years ago. So my mind was kinda blown by the Flex Cordless Mini Canister Vac I tried out recently.

Much of my delight with the Flex could probably be applied to most hand vacs, but I belive there are several things that set it apart.

First of all, it's a canister vac, so instead of a bulky dustbuster-style suction area (I don't know what that part is called) you get to use a flexible hose that can reach small spaces. For example, here are before and after shots of under my kids' train table:

(Please don't judge me.)

The Flex made it really easy to get under and around those little bars without having to move the whole table. I really liked that.

Plus, I used it to vacuum the top of the train table as well. Finally, an easy way to get all the crumbs and dust off of a table with raised edges that are difficult to get to with dusters and rags. And I know you're probably thinking, of course you can use hand vacs on tables, but that's you. This is me: OHMIGOD YOU MEAN YOU CAN HAND VAC TABLES?!?!

I talked to my husband on the phone shortly thereafter and told him about it. (Yes, cleaning at my house really is that noteworthy.)

His response? "You're blowing my mind. I bet we could vacuum the crumbs from the silverware drawer."

"We could," I said. "Whole new levels of cleanliness are open to us. I mean we're not going to get to them, but we could."

The Flex also comes with a couple of nice attachments, including a pet hair cleaning tool, which I'm going to be able to use. I also really love the brush attachment. I like it because you can fold it back without removing it to have a brushless attachment. Easy.

You can also remove and clean the pleated filter and it's plastic pre-filter cover. In this next photo you can see the pre-filter that fits over the pleated filter. Also you can see the trash I vacuumed out of a two-square-foot area of my kids' room.

(Mostly pencil shavings...)

The Flex is cordless and charges using a simple cord that plugs into the wall and the vacuum. It's very light too, and easy to carry around. So if your child, say, empties a pixie stick onto your table, you won't think twice about grabbing your Flex for a quick clean up.

If you do buy a Flex and you buy it from Black & Decker, you can get a free Power Brush Attachment with your purchase. To do so, go to this Flex Team link on the Black & Decker website and enter the code FLX506 at checkout to get the Power Brush and a Power Scrubber for free.

Here's the thing though: On the Black & Decker site, the Flex costs $80. It sells for $65-70 on Amazon. So, if you really want the power brush and scrubber (which has a $14.99 value and is not available in stores), you should buy from Black & Decker. Otherwise, you might want to look around for a bargain.

Honesty Clause: I received a Flex Cordless Mini Canister Vac at no charge.


mailmichal said...

ok, now come try it out at my house. You know you need to do a little more testing!

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Black & Decker chose the right person to review this because for some strange reason I find myself wanting this! Hmmm...Must be that awesome blog reporting!

Mama Echo said...

okay, once you try out the pet hair attachment, let me know... if it's great, I'm in!!

Joan said...

ditto what Mama Echo said.....

Thrift Store Mama said...

Wait. So, is it like a dustbuster (small enough to leave in the kitchen) or more like a small vacuum cleaner that you leave in the closet but carry around?

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