Saturday, January 16, 2010

Soft Clothing

If you have children with sensory issues or children who are particular about what they wear, you know that finding the right shirt can be a big deal. My youngest son, Quinn, is definitely picky about what he wears and insists almost entirely on wearing clothing that is pliable—no denim for him. He also refuses to wear any shirt that isn't a regular t-shirt.

Soft Clothing is a company that is trying to create clothes for kids like Quinn. They make clothes with flat seams, printed labels (no tags), wide collars, soft cotton, encased elastics, and veggie dyes and water-based prints. Basically, it seems that they have taken everything that might bother a sensitive kid and found a way around it.

They make shirts, pants (one style in two colors—I'm definitely interested in buying some of these), dresses, and cardigans. They are introducing seamless socks in April for those with sensitive feet.

So how did my family like it? Well, we tried out a tee for my four year old with sensory issues, Quinn. He happily put it on and wears it regularly now.

I know he looks weird and sickly in this photo,
but it showed the shirt well.

I really couldn't tell the difference in softness or seams between this shirt and most of the t-shirts we already have, although this is definitely a nice little shirt. Also, notice how wide the collar is. If your kid doesn't like constricting necks, this would be a good option.

This clothing is definitely high quality and with tees costing $10 for short sleeves and $15 for long sleeves, they're not a bad price. Pants, dresses, and cardigans range from $22 to $25.

Honesty Clause: Soft Clothing sent me two t-shirts to try out. Because one of them was pink, I passed that one on to a friend of mine who has girls. It was very cute and I'm sure is being very loved. Soft Clothing t-shirts sell for $10 each.


Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

OMG - do they make clothes for adults??

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