Sunday, June 20, 2010

National Autism Resources Store and Blog

There are so many websites that feature autism information and there are many online stores that will sell you toys, therapy aids, and books having to do with autism. National Autism Resources, which runs a blog and a store, recently contacted me, and since perusing their site, I've been really impressed.

Bonnie Arnwine, the founder of National Autism Resources, is the mother of a high schooler with autism and the author of Starting Sensory Integration Therapy: Fun Activities That Won't Destroy Your Home or Classroom. She started National Autism Resources in 2008 to provide easy to understand information, helpful links, and affordable books, games, toys and therapy products for people on the spectrum.

The blog is a fun mix of information for teachers who educate kids with autism, parents, and spotlights on various autism blogs. I especially liked the posts aimed at teachers. They offer a lot of information on how educators can better help autistic kids in mainstream classrooms. It's pretty new, having started only late last year, but there is already some great information there.

The National Autism Resources store is a wonderful resource for information and products. I love the way the products are categorized under umbrella headings such as "Autism Toys & Games," "Surviving Sitting in the Classroom," "Autism Puberty and Adolesence," and so on. It makes it easy to find exactly what you need without having to search all over.

Furthermore, each product category has some information about the therapies or philosophy behind the idea. For instance, the "ABA Therapy and Autism" store section has information about Applied Behavioral Analysis, followed by the products available at the store. It's all very informative and easy to navigate.

National Autism Resources sent me a super squishy dinosaur to try out with Jack. This dinosaur is a fun little fidget that is especially neat because it is filled with little beads inside its rubber shell.

Plus, it's super stretchy. (That's not Jack, by the way.)

I gave it to Jack to fidget with while he did his homework. He doesn't have a great history with fidgets, because they tend to be too distracting for him. He did all right with this one though. Although he did try to rip one of its legs off. (And nearly succeeded, by the way. If your kid is a destroyer, it might be worth keeping an eye on him while he plays with this toy.)

The dinosaur is currently living on our back porch, where he adventures in our sand table.

National Autism Resources is definitely worth checking out and is absolutely worth sending teachers to see, specifically the "Children with Autism in the Classroom" section. It's a great place to go if you are looking for information and products.

Honesty Clause: National Autism Resources sent me a Super Squishy Dinosaur to try out and review. This review is cross-posted at my autism events and information website for Montgomery County, Maryland, AutMont.