Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nintendo Black Friday Deals

I don't normally post deals, but because I love Nintendo (I am a Nintendo Brand Ambassador),  I now present to you some deals if you're planning on going out on Friday to battle the crowds. I will be at home in bed, but YOU should go and have a great time.

Unless specified otherwise, these deals are only valid on Friday and while supplies last.

At BestBuy you’ll be able get a black or white Wii for $169

GameStop is offering a free game (Fossil Fighters or the Legendary Starfy) with purchase of a new, special release Orange or Green DSi bundle

At Kmart if you purchase a black or white Wii console on Friday or Saturday, you’ll receive a $25 Gaming Coupon. Also, from 5am-11am on Friday only, they’re offering a $25 Gaming Coupon with purchase of an orange or green DSi bundle.

At Target you’ll be able to get a new Fling Smash bundle for $39, Wii Fit Plus bundle for $67, and if you purchase Super Mario Bros Wii, you’ll receive a $10 gift card.

If you purchase an orange or green DSi bundle at Sears, you’ll receive a $20 Award Card. You can also get Metroid: Other M or Super Mario Galaxy 2 for $39.99

At Walmart there is a $50 gift card with purchase of a Black, White or Red Wii console, and they’ll be offering the Nintendo DS Lite for just $89

Happy shopping!