Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow

This one might seem weird. A pillow? With a speaker in it? Huh? Why? Wha—?

I'll tell you why: Snorers.

The Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow, which features a built-in speaker, is targeted at people who like to listen to music when they are going to sleep or people who want to listen to audiobooks.

I, however, found it ideal to drown out the snorer in my life.

See, if you know me, you know that I have some auditory sensory issues. If I am sleeping in a room with someone other than my husband, I keep an iPod clutched in my hand in case of snoring. As for sleeping in a room with Alex? Well, I have a white noise machine and have been known to put pillows over my head—and kick Alex in the shins if he starts to snore.

I have to tell you though, sleeping on a pillow is a lot more comfortable than sleeping with your hand cupped over headphones.

Now, this pillow has worked out for me and I love it. So, if you're exactly like me and plan to use it exactly like I do, you should go now and purchase it. However, this pillow might not be for everyone. Following are some questions I had about the pillow and the answers that I came up with.

So, really, how comfortable is it to sleep on a pillow with a speaker in it? Pretty comfortable. The speaker is small enough and buried deep enough within the pillow that you don't really feel it. I mean, yeah, if you're digging for it, you can find it, but when you're just resting your head on the pillow? It might as well not be there. I'm not very picky about my pillows, but I am completely happy with this one. Even when I'm not using it as a speaker, this is one of the pillows I use to sleep on at night.

What devices can you use the pillow with? The materials I got say that the pillow can be used with any MP3 device with a stereo socket. I used it with my iPhone. But do you wanna hear something else that's cool? I was able to plug the pillow into my white noise machine, which I find far less distracting than music to fall asleep to. I just plugged it into the headphone jack.

Does the pillow require batteries? Nope. It runs off of the MP3 (or white noise!) player's power.

How loud does it go? I had actually hoped that it would play a little louder. I would prefer that my white noise be a little louder to drown out the sounds of my husband, who insists on existing in the bed next to me. It does mask the sounds of him breathing so inconsiderately, but would not cover a full-on snore.

The music was loud enough for me. Remember that the pillow isn't a set of headphones; other people in the room will probably be able to hear it too.

How is the sound quality? I was skeptical about how good the speaker would sound playing my music. It is, after all, a speaker in a pillow. Honestly, it sounded fine to me. It wasn't scratchy or tinny at all. I was pretty happy with it.

In sum: Yay, Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow!

You can buy the pillow at Bed Bath & Beyond. It is also available online at BB&B, Amazon, CVS & Linens-N-Things. Although all of these sites claim that the list price is $49.99, each of them sells it for $29.99 (except Linens-N-Things, which sells it for $34.99).

Honesty Clause: I received a review sample of the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow at no charge.