Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dunkin' Donuts Has New Iced Drinks for Summer! (With Giveaway!!)

I get a fair number of pitches from PR firms and companies, but it is rare that I get one that is so spot on as the one I got from Dunkin' Donuts a couple weeks ago. They invited me (and several other bloggers) to an iced drinks tasting at a Dunkin' Donuts about 10 minutes from my house

Honestly, it's like the mother ship was calling me home.

My family are big Dunkin' Donuts fans, regularly engaging in "Donut Breakfast" some weekends. My kids are especially enamored of their Coco Confetti donuts, which are chocolate with chocolate frosting and multi-colored sprinkles. Okay, I just looked that up, and Dunkin' Donuts calls those donuts Cocoa Confetti, but I like my spelling better, so I'm going to stay with it.

Just don't get me started on doughnuts vs. donuts, because I get mad about that at least once a month.

Here is the thing: Even with our long track record with Dunkin' Donuts, we only buy, well, doughnuts donuts. Did you know that they have sandwiches of a variety of styles and on a variety of breads, hash browns, an extensive selection of drinks, and more? They're not all donuts and a Box o'Joe, people.

I was invited, along with Laurie, Amanda, Janine, Jill, Anne and Maggie, to taste test a selection of iced coffees, plus a new summer product, details to come! I don't drink coffee. Ever. But I figured I could soldier through a coffee taste test if it got me into a Dunkin' Donuts tasting.

The fortunate thing is that the new summer products are the Coolattas and other Frozen Beverages, which are delicious in their many flavors. The Coolattas are frozen drinks that come in a variety of fruit and coffee flavors. We tested the strawberry, which was very tasty.

Frozen yummy.

By far my favorite things that we tasted, however, were the Frozen Beverages, of which there are three: Frozen Iced Tea, Frozen Lemonade, and Frozen Hot Chocolate. These were all really, really delicious. I would definitely go back and buy more of these on my own dime. I was actually surprised by the Frozen Iced Tea because, although I adore iced tea, it would never have occurred to me to make a frozen drink out of it.

All three of the Frozen Beverages earn a giant thumbs up from me.

I did try the iced coffee, which mostly served to confirm that, yep, still don't like coffee. Not even in tiny blueberry iced coffee form.

I pretended that I was a giant.

Some of the other ladies there liked the fancy iced coffees though.

I was a wee bit jittery at the end of this tasting event, but I was stable enough to grab my gift bag which included a $25 gift card that I get to give away to one of you! To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what is your favorite donut. Mine is lemon filled. Yum.

I'll choose a winner sometime after midnight Eastern time on June 16.

AND THE WINNER (chosen by random.org) IS... KellyG, whose favorite doughnut is raspberry filled jelly!

Honesty Clause: Dunkin' Donuts gave me numerous tiny cups of beverages, plus samples of food dishes at this event. They also gave each attendee a gift bag, including our own $25 gift card, coupons for free products, reusable cups, and coffee. But trust me, I'm a Dunkin' Devotee.